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Helping Veterans In Need by Doing the Good Deeds that Make a Difference!

When it comes to helping veterans in their time of need join with the United Relief Foundation in Making Life Saving and Life Changing Differences.


“..coming to our rescue and we will never forget your generosity, support, and dedication as long as we live. God Bless you All! In Gratitude,” John and Ayana

Air Force veteran John celebrating his first Father's Day

United In Service Helping Veterans! Your One Good Deed Will Help Make a Difference.


The National Association of American Veterans’ April 5, 2023 report of 11.9 million Veterans with disabilities,  2.1 million Veterans with Mental Health issues, and about 40,401 Homeless Veterans without homes in the United States is another reminder of the need for us to be united in serving the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces. Also, Women Veterans in general face significant economic and housing challenges and those who are single mothers are particularly vulnerable.

17 Years of Making Differences


For the past 17 years, with the exception of a Good Morning America appearance and occasional media attention, the United Relief Foundation quietly goes about Making A Difference by Being The Difference.


Welcoming others to have a rewarding part in the Foundation’s humanitarian relief efforts is how we are united in the service to the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.


90% of your tax-deductible Good Deed Monetary Donation goes directly to helping veterans and 10% to United Relief Foundation administrative incidentals.

United Relief Foundation healing our veterans