Today is a good day to do a good deed that will help our military Heroes know they have not been forgotten and their service has not been forsaken.

Turning Admiration into Action starts with Awareness

Not all wounds are visible

The State of the American Veteran: The Chicago Veterans Study: Many service members leaving the military and relocating to Chicagoland are not prepared for the transition, and as a result, struggle during the transition processes. Chicagoland veterans also reported significant housing distress and food insecurity.¹

Pre 9/11 Veterans

Post 9/11 Veterans

surveyed agreed

Civilians don't understand the problems faced by veterans



My military skills and experiences are often dismissed



Women Warriors

She was there VA

The VA’s job to be there for our military Heroes is undeniably crucial and with your support the United Relief Foundation can be of additional service to the brave women who fall through the cracks of the support systems that are in place for our Veterans.

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Stand Tall with the United Relief Foundation as we quietly go about making profound lasting differences by doing the good deeds that empowers self-worth, bolsters health and wellness, revitalizes self-dependence and improves the quality of life of the Veterans we touch.

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