Hero is a person who displays the courage and will for self sacrifice!

536,100 U.S. soldiers were deployed to Vietnam, and since the U.S. went to war in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, about 2.5 million members of the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard and related Reserve and National Guard units have been deployed in the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, according to Department of Defense data.

Every day, 22 veterans take their own lives. That’s a suicide every 65 minutes and 30% of all Veterans consider suicide.

In addition, according to the 2013 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) to Congress, on a single night there were 57,849 homeless veterans in the United States. Homeless veterans accounted for just over 12 percent of all homeless adults, with 60 percent (34,694) of homeless veterans in emergency shelters, transitional housing programs, or safe havens, and 40 percent (23,154) of homeless veterans in unsheltered locations. The report did not address veterans at-risk of homelessness.

Any human suffer is heartbreaking and granted most of our Veterans may not be in need, but as the wars become more of a distant memory for Americans, it tragically appears more of our Heroes service and sacrifices are being dismissed, overlooked or forgotten.

However, United Relief Foundation continues to demonstrate where there is a will there is a way to turn well meaning words and intentions into tangible deeds and actions in the service of the brave men and women who served our Nation.

United Relief Foundation

We can appreciate that there are numerous charitable causes and large non-profit organizations doing good deeds, so please tell us what it would take for you to get engaged in United Relief Foundation’s efforts in making profoundly positive differences in the lives of our Heroes.

Understandably, it is easier to relate to a need if tragedy affected a loved one or a person close to you.  The service of the men and women in our Armed Forces should compel us to consider them extended family and the sacrifice they made doesn’t diminish after they take off their uniform.

Well meaning words and intentions might feel good, but it is tangible deeds and actions that actually does the good in making tangible, lasting differences.

There are no small deeds and actions, and because the United Relief Foundation is a volunteer driven organization, 90 cents of each dollar donated goes directly to serving our Heroes in need.