Frank Salato
Care Comfort Compassion

In the service of Homeless, Home-bound, Hospitalized and Disability-rated Veterans

United Relief Foundation
Home Sweet Home

In the service of Home-bound, Disability-rated, Home-bound and Transitioning Veterans

United Relief Foundaiton
Seeds of Service

In the service of Disability-rated, Unemployed and Food Insecure Veterans

In the service of the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces

There are plenty of reasons for Veterans to be in despair, however, there are very few reasons why we can’t continue to be united in Standing Tall in offering a lifeline of humanitarian relief that makes profound and lasting differences for our military Heroes in need.

To All Veterans

 There comes a moment in most of our lives that we could use some hope and a little help. Should this be one of those moments, please contact the United Relief Foundation or

Veterans Crisis Line

11 years of service

The United Relief Foundation has touched thousands of lives since 2006 and even though we’ve received supportive media attention, for the most part, we quietly go about doing the good deeds that make profoundly positive differences for those we serve.

Compounding the good that can be done is one of United Relief Foundation’s founding principles and as we embarked on two new Seeds of Service projects, Raised Crop Boxes and Freight Farming, hopefully you will find enough value in Standing Tall with us to make a donation to help us compound the good of these projects.

In the service of those who have served,
Frank Salato, Founding President

Standing Tall for Veterans in need

Join us in the service to men and women who served our Country.

The Profoundly Positive Life-Changing and possible Life-Savings Differences you will help make include: Improving Quality-of-Life • Restoring Self-Worth and Self-Sufficiency • Enhancing Coping, Social and Job Skills • Creating Employment, Entrepreneurial and Home Ownership Opportunities

Donate Money

Donate Real Estate

Engage Others

Raise Awarness

Sponsor an Event or Be a Hope and Help Partner

Welcome Aboard Charitable Charters is an excellent example of compounding the good!

chartible charters

Giving Works!

Doing Good should be easy, rewarding and beneficial

Donating Real Estate

Any time of the year the tax and cost savings from donating residential or commercial real estate can be substantial and the United Relief Foundation has made doing good with your donation easy and rewarding.

Sharing the Warmth

From September to April, with a particular focus during the holidays, the United Relief Foundation’s Sharing the Warmth project is dedicated to homeless, home-bound and hospitalized Veterans.

Seeds of Service

United Relief Foundation, and our Hope and Help Partner, will be embarking on two new projects, Raised Crop Boxes and Freight Farming, to serve Veterans anywhere within the United States.