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In the service of Homeless, Homebound and Hospitalized Veterans

United Relief Foundation
Home Sweet Home

In the service of Homeless, Homebound and Transitioning Veterans

Soil Seed Sow Service

In the service of Disability-rated, Transitioning, Unemployed and Nutrient Deprived Veterans

Dear Veterans

There comes a moment in most of our lives that we could use some hope and a little help. Should this be one of those moments for you, please contact the United Relief Foundation even if you reside outside the Illinois and Wisconsin service areas.

We also encourage you to call the Veterans Crisis Line at 800.273.8255 ext. 1 or visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Make the Connection [click here] website, which has a wide range of information and resources.

VA Homeless Help
Standing Tall for Veterans

In the service of
the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces

Frank SalatoFor the most part, the United Relief Foundation quietly goes about doing good deeds in providing hope and help to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

I believe every generous act should be a rewarding experience, which is the spirit of United Relief Foundation’s core principle in making a connection between those wanting to help and those in need.

Also, with so many Veterans in need, my experience has been all good deeds are significant and the reason for United Relief Foundation’s second core principle of compounding the good done.

We welcome you to Stand Tall with the United Relief Foundation, and if not with the United Relief Foundation, I urge you to search out a Veteran in need and do a single good deed yourself or with another Veteran support organization.

In the service of those who have served,
Frank Salato
Founding President
888.718.0989 ext.1

Standing Tall with the United Relief Foundation is one way to make tangible and lasting differences in the lives of the Veterans in need we serve.

We've posted two VA produced videos that communicate simple acts you can do on your own.

Donate Money, Goods and Real Estate

Be a Boots on the Ground Volunteer

Raise Awarness and Engage Others

Not sure how to get engage or maybe have an idea? Give Frank Salato a call at 888.718.0989 ext. 1

Standing Tall Honor Cruise host, Roof 4 A Vet partnership and Crane Racing sponsorship are uniquely different examples of how others are engaging with United Relief Foundation in the service of those who served.

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