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In the service of Homeless, Home-bound and Hospitalized Veterans

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In the service of Home-bound, Disability-rated and Transitioning Veterans

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In the service of Disability-rated, Transitioning and Unemployed Veterans

Standing Tall for Veterans

In the service of the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces

Some of the proudest moments for Americans are when we unite on those special occasions and National Holidays to Honor our Veterans as well as those on active duty or serving in the military reserve.

It is all the days in between those moments of tributes to our Military Heroes that the United Relief Foundation strives to Stand Tall for Veterans in need by making possible life-saving and profound life-changing differences for the men and women who have served our Country.

The Good we do starts with the Veterans lives the United Relief Foundation touches and is compounded by having a positive impact on families, communities, society, and future generations.

Tragically, there are quite a few reasons why so many Veterans are in despair. However, there are very few reasons why we can’t continue to be united in Standing Tall and Honor our Veterans with service in their time of need.

11 years of service

Frank SalatoThe United Relief Foundation has touched thousands of lives since 2006 and even though we’re appreciative of public accolades and media attention, for the most part, we quietly go about doing the good deeds that make profoundly positive differences for those we serve.

Connecting good deeds to those in need and Compounding the good of those deeds continue to be United Relief Foundation’s core principles as we develop Hope and Help projects and programs that can be of service to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces no matter where they reside.

In the service of those who have served,
Frank Salato, Founding President
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Maria Loomer

Wisconsin Liaison/Board Member

Maria Loomer - President, Above & Beyond Enterprises, LLC

(888) 718-0989 Ext 2.

Dear Veterans

There comes a moment in most of our lives that we could use some hope and a little help. Should this be one of those moments for you, please contact the United Relief Foundation even if you reside outside our present Illinois and Wisconsin service areas, or call the Veterans Crisis Line at 800.273.8255 Ext. 1

Standing Tall for Veterans in need

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Charitable Charters is an excellent example of the value and benefits in Standing Tall as a United Relief Foundation Hope and Help Partner.

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