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Homeless, Homebound and Transitioning Housed Veterans

United Relief Foundation is Standing Tall in Service to the Men and Women who Served in the United States Armed Forces.

20 Veterans succumb
to suicide every day

11% of the adult homeless population are Veterans

4-million Veterans have a service-connected disability

Female Veteran population up +0.6 percent per year

DoD estimates 230,000 separations (new Vets) per year

Standing Tall & Together!

The patriotic connection we share as Americans in admiration of the sacrifice made by those who served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces is on full display during those days of Honor to them.

By Standing Tall and Together with the United Relief Foundation; individuals, groups, organizations and businesses have found a rewarding connection to turn their admiration into action in the service of those who served.

Most of the good deeds done by the United Relief Foundation to help Veterans in need are without fanfare. However, even though we quietly go about doing good, our Making A Difference by Being The Difference is not going unnoticed or unappreciated by the Veterans we touch.

United In Service,
Frank Salato
Founding President

PS: CONNECT WITH A VET!  I encourage you to visit a VFW or American Legion near you. If you would like help connecting or want to do more, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Military Days of Observance

United Relief Foundation does NOT provide crisis counselors and our toll-free number is NOT a crisis hotline. Should you be a Veteran in crisis, we urge you to call:

Veterans Crisis Line
Womens Veterans Call Center

Our Service to Veterans in need

◊ Lifelines of Hope and Help
◊ One-on-One Interaction
◊ Essential Wellbeing Support
◊ Self-Sufficiency Tools

Profound Differences We Make

◊ Restore Hope and Self-Worth
◊ Re-Energize Mind, Body, and Spirit
◊ Bolster Health and Wellness
◊ Revitalize Self-Reliance
◊ Improve Quality of Life


UNITED IN SERVICE: Doing a Good that Make A Difference by Being The Difference for Veterans in need can be done in the office at break time. Read More

Not All Wounds Are Visible

Veterans Who Agreed: Civilians don't understand the problems faced by Veterans

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66.5% Pre 9/11 Veterans

68.7% Post 9/11 Veterans

Rapid Response Initiative

United In Service by Joining Forces to Serve those Who Served At A Moment Notice.

Women Warriors Campaign

United In Service by Encouraging, Engaging, Educating and Empowering Female Veterans.

Today is a good day to do a good deed with a tax-deductible donation that will be used to help our Veterans in need know they have not been forgotten and their service not forsaken.

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