In the service of the brave men and women who served our Country!

20 Heroes committing suicide every day and tens of thousands home bound or hospitalized

United Relief Foundation

Care Comfort Compassion
In the service of Homeless, Home Bound and Hospitalized Veterans

57,000 Heroes are homeless and thousands more in transition or unable to maintain their residence

United Relief Foundation

Home Sweet Home
In the service of Disability Rated, Home Bound and Physically Able Veterans

400,000 Heroes living with invisible wounds and far to many who are unemployed or malneturtion

Growing Healthy Veterans

Growing Healthy Veterans
In the service of Disability Rated, Unemployed and Food Insecure Veterans

United Relief Foundaiton

There are plenty of reasons for Veterans to be in despair, however, there are very few reasons why we can’t continue Standing Tall to make even more Life-Saving and Life-Changing differences for our military Heroes in need.

United we continue to offering a lifeline of humanitarian relief providing the hope and help that makes profound and lasting differences.


To Our Military Heroes in need

You may not think of yourself as a Hero. However for myself, the United Relief Foundation and our supporters a Hero is an individual who commits an act of selflessness and self-sacrifice, which certainly describes the men and women who serve, and have served, in the United States Armed Forces.

Should you be a Veteran living in Cook, Lake or McHenry county of Illinois, or the Wisconsin counties of Kenosha, Racine or Milwaukee, please do not hesitate to contact the United Relief Foundation.

Frank Salato, Founding President

Veterans Crisis Line

Patriotism, gratitude, paying forward or any other reason you are considering supporting our Standing Tall for Veterans in need efforts, one reward for your donation will be the lasting satisfaction from knowing your contribution will help make profoundly positive differences.



and Engage others
to do the same

Life. After Service.

United Relief Foundation encourages all Veterans to utilize Victor, a mobile tool for the military community. Find and build a network of Veterans to keep you motivated, help you stay healthy and do fun activities with.