United Relief Foundation United in the service of veterans in need

Lifelines of
Hope and Help

United Relief Foundation is about doing as much good as we can for as many veterans as we possibly can, which is why we welcome others to be United In Service with us.

Care Comfort Compassion

United in the Service of Veterans who are At-risk or Homeless, Homebound and Hospitalized

Healing Our Heroes

United in the Service of Veterans in Crisis, Overcoming Challenges and Disability-rated

Home Sweet Home

United in the Service of Veterans who are At-risk or Homeless, Homebound and Residing in Transitional Housing

Not All Wounds Are Visible

Veterans Who Agreed: Civilians don't understand the problems faced by Veterans

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66.5% Pre 9/11 Veterans

68.7% Post 9/11 Veterans

Turning Admiration into Action with Good Deeds

The number of veterans in need, alone and feeling isolated was already substantial before COVID-19. and even though veterans who find themselves in need are appreciative of praise for their service, it is turning our admiration into action that is needed most.

You are welcome to Stand Tall & Together with the United Relief Foundation as we quietly go about doing the good deeds that are making a difference by being the difference in the lives of the male and female military veterans we touch.

The United Relief Foundation is a 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization chartered as a not-for-profit by the State of Illinois on February 2, 2006. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law.

The United Relief Foundation offers volunteers and donors a rewarding experience of turning their admiration into action with doing a good deed that shall help to
• Restore Hope
• Empower Self-Worth
• Bolster Health and Wellness
• Revitalize Self-Reliance
• Improve Quality of Life
for male and female veterans in need.

Compounding The Good We're Doing and Differences We Are Making!

United Relief Foundation’s dedicated volunteers, donors, and partners make it possible to compound the good we’re doing and differences we are making in the lives of veterans in need, and their families.

United Relief Foundation good deed donation to help Veterans in need

Today is a good day to do a good deed with a tax-deductible donation that will be used to help our Veterans in need know they have not been forgotten and their service not forsaken.

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