Care Comfort Compassion

In the Service of Veterans who are At-risk or Homeless, Home-bound and Hospitalized

On any given night 40,000 Veterans are Homeless and 13,000 are Unsheltered, and Tens of Thousands are Homebound and Hospitalized.

Empowering self-worth, bolstering health and wellness, revitalizing self-dependence and improving quality of life are the profound, lasting differences our Care Comfort Compassion one-on-one interaction, self-sufficiency tools and essential needs support good deeds make in the lives of the Veterans we touch.

United Relief Foundation’s Care Comfort Compassion efforts can make literally a Life-Saving difference, as one Honorably Discharged Army Veteran, who was living in a van with his wife and their two children, has attested too after the Foundation helped provide safe housing, food and medicine as well as employment prospects for him and his wife, and the gas money to get to appointments, interviews, and their new jobs.

Frank Salato

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