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Women Are Veterans Too Campaign

Rapid Response Engagement United in Making a Difference By Coming To The Aid Of Women Veterans In Need On A Moments Notice!

The most vulnerable women veterans in need are also the least visible.

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In addition to being the fastest growing group in the Veteran population, Women Veterans are also the fastest growing group in the homeless population, and four times more likely to become homeless than their male peerS. Women Veterans in general face significant economic and housing challenges, however, Veterans who are single mothers are particularly vulnerable.

Remember Women are Veterans Too

United In Service of:

Women Veterans in Survival Situations who are homeless. at risk of being homeless. or experiencing a wellbeing crisis.

Women Veterans in Stable Situations who can support themselves, but are experiencing a self-reliance or wellbeing hardship, challenge or crisis.

How We Are Making A Difference

Responding with Care providing veterans with the personal hygiene products, clothing, food and other basic dignity and wellness essentials.

Responding with Comfort helping veterans secure safe shelter or improve their living conditions.

Responding with Compassion aiding veterans during a critical time of need to overcome a self-reliant or wellbeing hardship, challenge or crisis.

United In Service Partner

Generous Good Deed Monetary Donations are making a difference for the women veterans served by the United Relief Foundation, and with United In Service partner National Women Veterans United assistance, we will be able to compound the good done.

National Women Veterans United

National Women Veterans United

The National Women Veterans United (NWVU) is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization in which membership comprises of women who are military veterans or currently enlisted in the Armed Forces including the National Guards and Reserves. To learn more, please visit nwvu.org

How We Get Connected With The Women Veterans We Serve



United Relief Foundation One-on-One Boots-on-the-Ground Outreach, Project and Program contact.


Veterans Organizations and Agencies

United Relief Foundation is contacted by veterans service organizations or agencies for help providing aid to veterans they are serving.



Veterans contact the United Relief Foundation by phone or the Veteran In Need form on this website.

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