Doing A Good Deed With A Real Estate Donation

Today Is A Good Day To Do A Good Deed For Our Military Heroes In Need. Donating Your Real Estate Has Its Rewards And Benefits

Year-round, the United Relief Foundation considers all types of residential, multi-use, and commercial real estate in all sorts of condition within the city limits of Chicago or its neighboring suburbs.

Good Deed Reward
Regardless if your real estate is unwanted or hard to sell it does not lessen the good your donation can do in supporting our efforts to help Veterans in need.

By donating to a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, you should be able to receive a tax deduction  for the appraised value¹.

Save Money
Keep from wasting more money on upkeep, utilities, insurance, and property taxes for an unwanted or hard to sell real estate.

Hassle Free Process
Our real estate professionals will attend to the details and guide you through the  process¹, which typically is within 14 days.

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Donate your house to help veterans in need

To aid in the understanding of donor benefits and the process of donating real estate, United Relief Foundation has created

¹Even though the United Relief Foundation does its due diligence, we advise that you speak with your own professionals who are knowledgeable in the legal aspects and tax benefits of donating real estate.  Richard A. Valentino, Attorney – United Relief Foundation.