Collective good deeds compound the good done!

Collective good deeds can compound the difference made in the new year for veterans in need, starting with United Relief Foundation’s first 2024 United in Service good deeds, including food donations from Arrive North Shore and new toys collected by St. James Perish in Highwood, Illinois, delivered to the National Women Veterans United headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.

With women being the fastest-growing group in the veteran population,  United Relief Foundation has expanded its Women Are Veterans Too campaign to serve more female veterans, especially single mothers who are particularly vulnerable, and the first United in Service delivery in one of many to follow throughout the year.

“As much as we desire to help every veteran in need, the collective good deeds of others have helped to compound the number of veterans we can serve and the differences we make in their lives,” comments United Relief Foundation Founder and President Frank Salato. “United Relief Foundation’s United in the Service approach is about making a difference by being the difference; this collective engagement is another example of how well it works.”

Women Are Veterans Too Campaign

In addition to being the fastest growing group in the Veteran population, Women Veterans are also the fastest growing group in the homeless population, and four times more likely to become homeless than their male peersWomen Veterans in general face significant economic and housing challenges, however, Veterans who are single mothers are particularly vulnerable.

Women veterans report significantly higher rates of suicidal ideation and suicide attempt than veteran men in a study¹ of post-9/11 veterans, lifetime suicidal ideation and suicide attempt were, respectively, 1.2 and 2.2 times more prevalent among women compared to their men counterparts.

If you are a Veteran in crisis or concerned about one, immediately call the Veterans Crisis Line – Dail 988 then press 1.

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United Relief Foundation and National Women Veterans United

National Women Veterans United founder/president Rochelle Crump, Board Chair Sharon Stokes-Parry, and United Relief Foundation founder/president Frank Salato unloading the first patch of United in Service good deeds of 2024.

Making a Difference with Your Good Deed Monetary Donation