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Home Sweet Home Commitment

United In Service Announcement: Long-term charitable commitment allows the United Relief Foundation to begin its Affordable Homeownership and Shared Homes for Veterans engagement.


Lincolnwood, Illinois-based URB, inc. president Brian Urbanowski’s presentation of a house key to United Relief Foundation’s president Frank Salato signified Mr. Urbanowski’s long-term commitment to donating his company’s resources as a United Relief Foundation United In Service Home Sweet Home Patron.


The significance of Mr. Urbanowski’s charitable commitment is that it has allowed the United Relief Foundation to start to advance Home Sweet Home Lifeline Affordable Homeownership and Shared Homes for Veterans engagement without drawing resources from the Foundation’s other initiatives.


“As the United Relief Foundation appreciates Mr. Urbanowski’s commitment, I’m hopeful others will also embrace the prospects of doing a good deed that will make tangible, lasting differences in the lives of the veterans we serve,” comments Frank Salato.


With decades of real estate experience and expertise, Mr. Urbanowski and his company were instrumental in the United Relief Foundation’s 348 Home Sweet Home project to turn an in-need-of-repair house into a safe, comfortable, affordable home for a veteran to own.



About Brian Urbanowski, his company, and charitable efforts


Over the past 37 years of doing business in Chicago, Brian Urbanowski has done his fair share of granting requests for charitable contributions from numerous nonprofit organizations.


This year Mr. Urbanowski is also engaged in providing a practical path for philanthropic people to connect with charitable causes like United Relief Foundation’s efforts.


To learn more please visit Philanthropic Activities | URB Inc

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How Your Good Deed Will Be Making A Difference!


Your Good Deed monetary, goods, service, or real estate donation will help turn in-need-of-repair houses into safe, decent, affordable homes for veterans.


100% of your tax-deductible Good Deed monetary donation is designated to Affordable Homeownership and Shared Homes engagement essentials. i.e. Insurance, materials, supplies, etc.  Donate Now

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