United In Service: Making A Difference by Being The Difference
Remembering Honoring Helping Veterans In Need

Showing Gratitude And Giving Thanks To Our Veterans, Especially Those In Need Of Immediate Assistance.

'Tis The Season of Service Campaign - November 1 to December 31

The most vulnerable veterans the United Relief Foundation serves are those who do not have the financial or physical means to travel to get the help they need, making them also the least visible to the public.

Seeing and sharing good deeds being done is nice, but what is more gratifying is the differences we make, even if only known by the veterans we serve and us.

United In Service of:

Veterans in Survival Situations

These are veterans who are homeless. at risk of being homeless. or experiencing a wellbeing crisis.

Veterans in Stable Situations

These are veterans who can support themselves, but are experiencing a hardship, challenge or crisis.

Veterans in Supportive Situations

These are veterans who are receiving some type of support from a veterans service organization, but have needs beyond the help they are receiving.

Know That Your Good Deed Will Make A Difference By Being The Survival and Self-Reliance Difference For The Veterans In Need Served By The United Relief Foundation.

Survival Good Deeds Done helps provide essential nutritional food, decent clothing, health and wellness products, safe shelter, in-crisis aid, and compassionate human interaction. The Differences Made: Lifting veterans from the depth of despair and aiding them to become self-reliant again.

Self-Reliance Good Deeds Done helps provide essential health and wellness products and tools, in-crisis aid, and supportive human interaction. The Differences Made: Keeping veterans from falling into despair during their time of need and aiding them in maintaining their self-reliance.

Rapid Response Initiative

Coming To The Aid Of Veterans, Men and Women, In Need On A Moments Notice

Presently the Foundation has a sufficient number of Boots on the Ground volunteers.

United In Service Difference Making Good Deeds

Raise Awareness

Let others know about the United Relief Foundation and how they can make a difference by making others aware of the Foundation’s service to men and women veterans in need.


Raising awareness by liking and sharing United Relief Foundation’s Facebook, signing up and sharing the Foundation’s once a month email newsletter, and talking to others about how one good deed can make a difference will help make more of a difference than you realize.

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Monetary Donation

Veterans should never be homeless in AmericaChris Gardner
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