For Veterans In Need

Veterans Crisis Line
Womens Veterans Call Center

United Relief Foundation does NOT provide crisis counselors and our toll-free number is NOT a crisis hotline.

Our Immediate Service Areas

Geographic Regions (Counties)
· Illinois: Cook, McHenry and Lake
· Wisconsin:  Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine and Walworth

Outside Our Immediate Service Areas

United Relief Foundation’s Hope Help Healing network has been extended to be of service to honorably discharged Veterans residing outside our immediate service areas.

Direct Aid
· Food
· Clothing
· Shelter
· Wellbeing related

Network Aid
· VA Benefits
· Job Training
· Employment
· Finanical Aid

(888) 718-0989 Ext. 104

United Relief Foundation will NOT discriminate against any Veteran due to religion, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, or disabilities.

United Relief Foundation reserves the right to be of service to only Honorably discharged Veterans and require DD214 prior to consideration of request. In addition, United Relief Foundation is not under any obligation to grant any request.