Women Warriors Campaign

In the service of the 49,000+ Illinois and 28,000+ Wisconson Women Veterans

Care Comfort Compassion

The National Veterans Foundation had reported “Even though the current percentage of United States Veterans that are women is 10 percent, female veterans are often overlooked. These brave women tend to fall through the cracks of the support systems that we have put in place for our veterans. The support system for veterans was designed by and is still dominated by men. The mental, physical, and military service needs of women are often very different from those of male veterans.”

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ Center for Women Veterans states “Women frequently report that they feel invisible as Veterans, both within and outside VA.”

United Relief Foundation’s Women Warriors campaign will be a year-round Standing Tall effort to be a support resource for women Veterans and raise awareness of the responsibility to treat women Veterans with honor, dignity, and respect.

How the United Relief Foundation can best serve our Women Warriors on the homefront will progress in step with our campaign and utilizing Center for Women Veterans’ I Am Not Invisible (IANI) initiative shall help us to increase awareness and dialogue about women Veterans.

Should you be a Women Warrior in need please click here

Center for Women Veterans We are not invisible

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Donation of New Wool Hat, Scarf and Gloves or Queen size Bed Blanket. Individual item donations accepted.

Items are presented to Women Veterans with the same care that you’ve shown in the giving.

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