United In Service: Making A Difference by Being The Difference
Remembering Honoring Helping Veterans In Need
Tightening our boot laces to service veterans in need

We are tightening our boot laces in the service of veterans in need!


United Relief Foundation officers and the Foundation’s United In Service volunteers and contributors are tightening our boot laces to hit the pavement to serve a growing number of veterans in need.


The Foundation’s Care Comfort Compassion Lifeline’s Rapid Response Initiative comes to the aid of veterans in Survival Situations at a moment’s notice.

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The Foundation Healing Our Heroes Lifeline’s Hortuclurtal Holistic Program serves veterans in Stable and Supportive Situations providing them with self-reliant health and wellness tools.

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The Foundation’s Home Sweet Home Helping Hands Efforts serve veterans in Stable and Support Situations with trade training, employment, education, and homeownership opportunities.

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At the present, the United Relief Foundation has an adequate number of Boots on the Ground volunteers. However, please do not hesitate to let us know of your interests.

Veterans should never be homeless in AmericaChris Gardner

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