Three Bees

Standing Tall with the United Relief Foundation as a Hope and Help Patron

It is with great pleasure that the United Relief Foundation introduce you to our Hope and Help Patron Three Bees who is Standing Tall with the Foundation in our service to Veterans in need.

Three Bees is committed to creating and selling quality products. They believe in truly natural ingredients and natural beekeeping. They are a chemical free apiary. Three Bees definition of quality are products not made and manufactured overseas using harmful methods and substandard ingredients.

In addition to Three Bees contributions, owner Konni Vukelic is Standing Tall with the United Relief Foundation contributing her and her nonprofit organization’s, Bee Well Being Foundation, time, expertise and resources for Healing for Heroes Holistic-Horticultural program.

Please visit Three Bees website to learn more about this giving business and their fabulous honey and natural products.

Three Bees United Relief Foundation
Three Bees