Growing Healthy Veterans

Growing Healthy Veterans

In the service of Disability Rated, Unemployed and Food Insecure Veterans

The number of veterans suffering from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, and moral injury, continues to grow. These wounded vets include those returning from recent wars and the Vietnam conflict.

Impressed with the compounding positive impact potential of Growing Healthy Veterans (GHV) and the passion driving the cause, the United Relief Foundation shall be working closely with our new Hope and Help Partner to assist them in starting their organization, structuring a Veterans support program model locally and eventually duplicating that program Nationwide.

Growing Healthy Veterans is committed to provide programs to assist vets both within and outside the VA that can be replicated across the country.

Growing Healthy VeteransStudies have shown that working with the soil and growing living plants are extremely therapeutic for vets suffering from war-related disorders. Growing Healthy Veterans programs and projects, with the assistance of Peer Support Specialist, will help to provide that healing.

There is also the added advantage that our country needs a million new farmers, so our training will help to provide vets with various employment opportunities in sustainable agriculture.

Using Horticulture Therapy as the catalyst, we can provide opportunities for Veteran per support and broader community engagement creating a holistic solution to a multitude of issues our Veteran population faces.

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Growing Healthy Veterans

Personal Info

Donation by mail make payable to United Relief Foundation and note Growing Healthy Veterans in memo of your check. Please do not mail cash and include a return address to receive a receipt of your donation.

April to October

Prairie Crossing

Volunteer Tasks

Tasks vary during the agricultural cycle from growth to harvest of a crop, which includes the preparation of soil, sowing, adding manure and fertilizers, irrigation, harvesting and storage.

Funding Needs

Monetary donations to provide disability rated veterans supportive assistance and purchase agricultural supplies and farming equipment.

Project Location

Prairie Crossing Farm
32400 Harris Road
Grayslake, Illinois
[View driving directions]

Needs List

• Gas PowerRototiller
• 2 6-cubic ft. Wheel Barrels
• 6 Bow-style rakes
• 4 Saddles Hoes
• 4 Spade Shovels
• 6 dozen light weight work gloves
• Weed guard fabric
• 600 feet of 14 gquge field fencing
• 200 feet of water hose
• 200 feet of irrigation drip tape or soaker hose

We Welcome

• Individuals and Groups
• Minimum age 18
• Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to inquire
Volunteer Openings
Saturdays 1 pm to 4 pm


(888) 718-0989 ext. 10

Prairie Crossing Project

Hoop House

A hoop house is a series of large hoops or bows—made of metal, plastic pipe or wood—covered with a layer of heavy greenhouse plastic. The plastic is stretched tight and fastened to baseboards with strips of wood, metal or wire. A hoop house is heated by the sun and cooled by the wind.

Program Need

Prairie Crossing will serve as the model to duplicate across the Country and even though a hoop house is not necessary to achieve our primary goal of aiding Veterans in need, these structures will help extend the growing season and produce a greater yield of crops, in all regions.

In addition, a hoop house can be disassembled, stored and reassemble each agricultural cycle.