Independence Gardening

A Soil Seed Spirit Hope and Help Program

United Relief Foundation’s Independence Gardening will take a holistic (emotional, mental, spiritual and physical) approach using horticulture (the branch of agriculture that deals with growing plants) and horticultural therapy as primary program elements.

Horticultural therapy (also known as social and therapeutic horticulture or STH) is defined by the American Horticultural Therapy Association (AHTA) as the engagement of a person in gardening and plant-based activities, facilitated by a trained therapist, to achieve specific therapeutic treatment goals. The visual aesthetics of plants are known to elicit feelings of inner peace, which generates positive emotions toward a meaningful appreciation of life. Direct contact with plants guides the individual’s focus away from stress enhancing their overall quality of life¹

In pursuit of the good that horticultural therapy (and gardening) offers Veterans, the United Relief Foundation will be engaged in building wheelchair and walker accessible raised garden beds, providing seed and soil, gardening instruction, and supportive health and wellness interaction.


Compounding the Good

Raised garden beds come in all shapes and sizes, and some can adequately accommodate a person in a wheelchair at a starting price around $800.00

With our Hope and Help Partners, we will combine building mobility adapted raised garden beds, which require little maintenance and a relatively small area, with holistic-horticultural instructions and interactions to expand the access Veterans have to the mind, body and spirit benefits from being able to garden independently.

In addition, all Veterans can attend to a raised garden bed and equally benefit from the nutrient rich produce grown.

Public Offering

Raised Bed Purchase

An assembly required mobility adapted raised garden bed will be for sale to the public to help support this project. Soil, seed and holistic/horticultural education and training program is not included. However, the estimated purchase price of $400² will be substantially lower than a comparable “for-profit” business retail price.


October Launch

• Master Model Developed
• Public Outreach
• Hope and Help Partner Outreach
• All Components Engaged
• Project Builds Started
• Project Management and Advancement


Hope and Help

Urb Remodeling will be engaged in Illinois and Wisconsin Project Builds and prefabrication for Project Builds in other States.

Hope and Help Partner opportunities:
• Soil, Seeds, and Supplies
• Building Material

Community, Club and Corporate “Project Build” welcomed.

¹”Planting Hope in Loss and Grief: Self- Care Applications of Horticultural Therapy for Grief Caregivers in Taiwan”. Death Studies (38): 603–611
² Estimated and subject to change without notice.

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