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How We Are Of Service

Rapid Response Initiative

Coming To The Aid Of Veterans, Men and Women, In Need On A Moments Notice.

United In Service

Hope and Help Partner Illinois Joining Forces

United Relief Foundation and IJF do NOT discriminate against any Veteran due to religion, race, gender, age, sexual orientation, culture, or disabilities.

The Men and Women Veterans Served

Veterans in Survival Situations

These are veterans who are homeless or at risk of being homeless.


Veterans in Stable Situations

These are veterans who can support themselves but are experiencing a hardship, challenge, or crisis.


Veterans Families and Spouses

These are families and spouses who have lost a loved one that was a veteran and are experiencing a hardship, challenge, or crisis.

How We Are Making A Difference

Responding with Care: Providing personal hygiene products, clothing, food, and other essentials for the basic dignity and wellness of veterans, and their families.


Responding with Comfort: Helping veterans, and their families, feel safe and find them safe shelter or improve their living conditions.


Responding with Compassion: Aiding veterans, and their families, in a moment of need or preventing a crisis in a manner that will help them stay or becoming self-sufficient.

Making a Difference
by US Navy Veteran Michael Smith

The United Relief Foundation and Illinois Joining Forces have separately served hundreds of veterans in need. Together, United In Service, compounds the differences they are making.


The Foundation has asked Michael if he would occasionally share his perspective as a veteran and experiences as an IJF veteran care coordinator to raise awareness of the challenges facing veterans and how we (the Foundation, IJF, and others) can be united in the service of the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.


Respecting and protecting the privacy of the veterans we serve, their names will not be used and some details have been omitted.

How You Can Make A Difference by Being The Difference

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Video is a full presentation 3:40. Patron information at 3:04 mark.

United In Service

Hope and Help Partner Illinois Joining Forces

Illinois Joining Forces

United In Service with our Hope and Help Partner Illinois Joining Forces and IJF’s Care Coordinators Michael and William, who are veterans themselves, increases our ability to immediately respond to veterans in need or crisis.

Illinois Joining Forces Foundation is a registered 501c3 and serves as a statewide public-private partnership that promotes the efficient delivery of Growth and Wellness initiatives for Service Members, Veterans, and their families at the community level. IJF website

Veteran Michael Smith
Michael Smith Veteran
Veteran William Bryant
William Bryant Veteran

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