The number of veterans in need, alone and feeling isolated was already substantial before COVID-19, and many more veterans are now in need of a Lifeline of Hope and Help.

Care Comfort Compassion: With essential volunteers only, and taking personal (and public) safety-first precautions, the United Relief Foundation continues to be of service to Veterans in need.

United Relief Foundation’s service during this crisis is to continue on the best we can, in any way we can, to be a source of hope and help for Veterans in need, which in some cases include their children also.

United In Service with Illinois Joining Forces, our Rapid Response efforts continue making differences that go beyond a veteran’s immediate needs.



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How We Are Making A Difference By Being The Difference Outside Illinois Also

Standing Tall & Together. With Illinois Joining Forces assistance the United Relief Foundation is able to increase our reach and response to Veterans, and their families, in need outside Illinois like Veteran Christopher, his wife and 2 young children residing in Arkansas or Michigan Veteran, Timothy, his wife, and 3 young children.

Illinois Joining Forces is a statewide public-private partnership that promotes the efficient delivery of Growth and Wellness initiatives for Service Members, Veterans, and their families at the community level. Illinois Joining Forces Foundation is a registered 501c3 under the General Not for Profit Corporation Act of 1986 (805 ILCS 105/) and operates under the provisions of the Illinois Joining Forces Foundation Public Act 098-0986, Section 37 (20 ILCS 2805/37).

Illinois Joining Forces

Michael Smith (Veteran)
IJF Coordination Center Specialist

William E. Bryant III (Veteran)
IJF Coordination Center Specialist

Today is a good day to do a good deed with a tax-deductible donation that will be used to help our Veterans in need know they have not been forgotten and their service not forsaken.