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The impact of military service on the children of veterans: A problem not to be ignored despite the uncertainties.

IJE study found that the veterans' children themselves had significantly increased rates of lifetime trauma exposure compared with the matched cohort of adults drawn from the civilian community. These increased rates of trauma exposure could partially account for the increased rates of disorder in veterans' children.

International Journal of Epidemiology - Alexander C McFarlane

Patriotic Pals provide comfort for children of all ages and appropriately named in the Honor, which their parents or parents served our country.

Deployed initially as Comfort Troops during days honoring veterans, Patriotic Pals will now be ready to be of service the entire year.

A Patriot Pal, or Patriot Pals, will be deployed during the service of a veteran in need who has a child or children.


DoctorJCrochet Chicago area crochet and amigurumi crafts is United Relief Foundation Hope and Help Provider of Patriotic Pals.

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COVID-19 - Keeping our volunteers and the veterans we serve safe has always been our priority, and we have adjusted programs and projects accordingly.

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