Thanks to the support of Hope & Help Partner Inner Voice Chicago and the enthusiastic participation of the staff and Veterans at their Eddie Beard Vet House, United Relief Foundation’s Holistic Horticultural Healing program has taken root and is spreading to other locations.

Last year, Inner Voice Chicago CEO Jackie Edens embraced the program’s concept and allowed the Foundation to use Eddie Beard Vet House, which provides interim housing for honorably discharged veterans, for the development of a transitional housing model.

The horticultural (gardening) side of the program has proven to be productive in engaging the new Eddie Beard Veterans and over the next couple of months the program refinements will be completed to provide health and wellness tools for Veterans in transitional housing environments.

Veteran’s Transitional Housing Program. Individuals who qualify for this program must obtain a DD214 that states they have earned an honorable discharge. The time a Veteran may participate in the transitional housing program cannot exceed 24 months.

Eddie Beard Vet House Chicago

A special thank you to Konni Vukelic, president of the Bee Well Being Foundation, for her dedication in the program’s development.

United Relief Foundation Helping Veterans in need

This photo has a very special sentimental, and historical, connection because it was the first day we started our program at the Inner Voice Chicago Eddie Beard Vet House.