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Navy Birthday October 13th


Some might be surprised to learn that the official birthday of the United States Navy is October 13, 1775. Back then, it was known as the Continental Navy and consisted of a small fleet of ships patrolling to intercept ships sent to resupply British Army troops at or near the colonies.


The creation of this fleet was not without controversy. In fact, it was hotly debated for 11 days in the Continental Congress. According to the official website of the U.S. Navy, some in that debate were convinced that having a standing navy was “the maddest idea in the world.”


The Navy Birthday: Not To Be Confused With Navy Day
The U.S. Navy birthday should not be confused with Navy Day, which was created in 1922 to recognize the service of all Navy members. Believe it or not, Navy Day pre-dates official recognition of the Navy Birthday. Navy Day is observed on October 27. That date was chosen, so the story goes, in honor of President Teddy Roosevelt whose birthday is also on the 27th.