United In Service: The number of veterans in need, alone and feeling forgotten was already tragically substantial before COVID-19. As we march forward united in the service of the men and women who served our country, each good deed will continue to make profound and lasting differences for veterans when it is most needed.

Undoubtedly COVID-19 has brought some hardship to every American, which makes the coast-to-coast support of the United Relief Foundation’s Standing Tall and Together efforts that much more heartwarming for the veterans we touch.

The first wave of volunteer comfort troops deployed to the United Relief Foundation’s Hope and Help Partner, National Women Veterans United, have accomplished its Hope Help and Hugs missions.

The donated second wave of Red White and Blue comfort troops are marching forward with essential supplies to deliver care and comfort to the men and women who served our country and their children.

Additional donated comfort troops deployments will be part of the United Relief Foundation’s COVID-19 humanitarian aid efforts and Care, Comfort and Compassion Lifeline.

Comfort Troops Marching Forward for veterans in need and their children
United Relief Foundation bringing some comfort to the children of single-parent veterans

Dr. Jennifer (King) Murray, her cuddle inspector daughter Arya Mae and frontline support spouse Michael are donating the crocheted comfort-animals to be given to the children of veterans in need as part of United Relief Foundation’s  COVID-19 humanitarian aid efforts.

In addition to the donated comfort troops, they will be donating part of the proceeds to the United Relief Foundation of purchases made during their Memorial Day sale at www.doctorjcrochet.com

Making A Difference
With Your Good Deed Donation

Any donation amount will help provide essential health and wellness supplies to veterans in need, who have children or not.

A $35.00 Hope Help Hugs Booster donation will help provide a veteran with essential supplies needed to care for the health of their family, and comfort animal for the wellbeing of their child.

Healing with Hope Help & Hugs Fund

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