Home Sweet Home

United In The Service Of Veterans Who Are At-risk Or Homeless, Homebound And Residing In Transitional Housing

COVID-19 has caused some hardship to every American, and certainly more so amongst the most vulnerable, which includes a growing number of military veterans.

Keeping our volunteers and the veterans we serve safe has always been our priority, and we have adjusted programs and projects accordingly.

Rapid Response and COVID-19 related care, comfort, and compassion efforts offering humanitarian health and wellness aid for veterans in need continue to be provided with essential volunteers taking additional personal and public safety precautions.

United Relief Foundation diligently respects and protects the privacy of the Veterans we serve. Army Veteran Theron's insistence to make a video testimony was the exception.

Scheduled Home Sweet Home projects have been canceled and new requests will not be accepted until further notice. However, plans for 2021 Housing Projects shall continue uninterrupted.

Scheduled 2021 Housing Projects: ADA home and rehab housing. Details shall be posted as finalized.

ADA home for veterans
Donate real estate to help veterans

Inquiries Welcomed

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Let our veterans know they have not been forgotten, and their service not forsaken with a good deed donation that will bring them some hope and help in their time of need.