Healing Our Heroes

United In The Service Of Veterans In Crisis, Overcoming Challenges and Disability-Rated

Why We Are Needed

Each year, over 6,000 Veterans Commit Suicide, 400,000 Suffer from Invisible Wounds and 4-million have a service-connected disability.

Concerning trends in Veteran increased suicide rates among women as compared to men.

Many service members leaving the military and relocating to Chicagoland are not prepared for the transition, and as a result, struggle during the transition processes.

How We Are Being The Difference

United Relief Foundation combines wellbeing interaction with essential self-sufficiency support and tools into a powerful healing force that makes profound, lasting differences in the lives of Veterans.

Our Healing Heroes Lifeline will focus on Holistic approaches and Horticultural therapies to be able to address and adjust to individual health and wellness challenges of male and female Veterans.

Our Service to Veterans in need

• Engage in One-on-One Interaction
• Provide Essential Wellbeing Support
• Offer Self-Sufficiency Tools

Profound Lasting Differences Made

• Restored Hope
• Empowered Self-Worth
• Bolstered Health and Wellness
• Revitalized Self-Reliance
• Improved Quality of Life

United Relief Foundation Eddie Beard Vets

The healthy state of mind, body, and spirit of our Veterans increases their ability to be more involved in the wellbeing of other Veterans as well as being positive contributors to their communities and society.

Sources: United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and United States Census Bureau.

Today is a good day to do a good deed with a tax-deductible donation that will be used to help our Veterans in need know they have not been forgotten and their service not forsaken.

Before You LeaveMaking A Personal Connection

We want you to have a rewarding personal connection with the United Relief Foundation in Making A Difference by Being The Difference and hope you will revisit our website. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time. 

United In Service: Standing Tall and Together in the service of Veterans in need.