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Illinois Joining Forces partner spotlight on United Relief Foundation

COMPOUNDING THE GOOD: Illinois Joining Forces' perspective of the United Relief Foundation, published in IJF's recent newsletter, is another example of the good done when two organizations take the initiative to bring value to the other.

Appreciating an organization's individual needs, a mutually supportive involvement generates benefits for both united organizations and ultimately compounds the good done and differences made for our veterans in need.

IJF Community Newsletter



Illinois Joining Forces {IJF) is proud to spotlight our good friends and partners at United Relief Foundation (URF).


For several years, IJF has had the distinct privilege and good fortune to work with founder and president, Frank Salato. Frank epitomizes the spirit of giving and the importance of being “united in service to compound the good”.


Throughout all of the United Relief Foundation programs, the following principles are applied:
• Responding with Care
• Responding with Comfort
• Responding with Compassion


Frank’s small but mighty foundation has been critical to assisting our Care Coordination Team meet the emergency financial needs of veterans and their families on a moment’s notice.


Frank recognized early on that sometimes circumstances occur to no fault of the veteran that require quick action. Understanding the funding gaps that often exist for veterans, URF established the Rapid Response Fund~ providing financial relief within 24-48 hours.


In Frank’s own words, “Since 2005 the United Relief Foundation has been in the service of those in need. With Illinois Joining Forces as a Hope and Help Partner, together, we have made a difference by being the difference for veterans in need, especially at a critical time in their lives.”


IJF is honored to be in such good company and to assist veterans with dignity and respect. If you or a loved one would like to assist in this effort to compound the good, please visit the URF Rapid Response.

IJF newsletter spotlight United Relief Foundation