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Helping Heroes Heal Lifeline Health and Wellness Effort



Helping Heroes Heal

Mind, Body & Spirit


~ Provide veterans with practical health and wellness tools


~ Transitional housing environment model


~ Horticultural: Peaceful plant-rich environment offering stress relief and restoration surroundings that will create an opportunity to engage veterans with each other creating a sense of belonging and connectedness while providing a source of physical exercise and nutritious food

~ Holistic: Blending horticultural mental, social and physical benefits with wellbeing techniques that veterans can integrate into their everyday lives


~ Inner Voice | Project location: Eddie Beard Vet House | Support: Staff – Residents – Facilities – Dedicated Garden Area

2021 Success Markers Acheived

~ Nutritious vegetables to feed 35+ veterans

~ Positive interaction with veterans

~ Veterans caring for garden

~ Veterans planting their own vegetables

~ Veterans involving veterans

~ Value to Partner’s staff and services

2022 Phase-2 Development

~ Blending of horticultural aspects and holistic wellbeing techniques

2023 Phase-3 Expansion

~ Available to veterans support organizations that have made inquiries

United In Service Partner and Patrons
Health Wellness Program & EBVH Model Project

All Good Deed Donations are making a difference. Partner and Patron are special support/donation level recognitions of individuals, organizations or businesses.

About Our United In Service Partner Inner Voice - Eddie Beard Vet House

With the support of Inner Voice Chicago and the engagement of their Eddie Beard Vet House staff and veteran residents, United Relief Foundation's Eddie Beard Vet House transitional environment model project continues to reach our health and wellness program success markers.

Eddie Beard Homeless Veterans Housing Program / Vet House provides up to 35 male Veterans experiencing homelessness with a safe, comfortable environment where they can live for up to 24 months. Residents enjoy room and board, case management and supportive services as they prepare for the next steps on their journeys.

  • United Relief Foundation Eddie Beard Vet House planning
    May 26 -Hope and Help Partner Inner Voice CEO Jackie Edens and United Relief Foundation President Frank Salato, with the help of EBVH staff Cheyenne Riley, marking the location for the 15' x 5' raised garden bed that will serve up to 35 EBVH residents.
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