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Homeless Veterans In America Relief Foundation


Two Words That Should Never Go Together


The Mission…


Boots On The Ground; bringing the vital resources needed, directly, to every Homeless Veteran on the streets of the city…food, water, clothing, shoes, and socks are essential for surviving the elements all year round.


More importantly is connecting Homeless Veterans directly to all of the available resources to get them off of the streets into a home and on a path to a life with meaning, self-worth, and pride.


We are driven to create a greater awareness of all the needs of Homeless Veterans, Veterans, & transitioning Military personnel and their families as they return to civilian life.


Focusing on helping each Veteran get their individual needs met, ensuring a greater and lasting impact.

Homeless Veterans In America Relief Foundation

509(a)2 Charitable Veteran Organization




P.O. Box 35321
Elmwood Park, IL 60707





Veterans should never be homeless in AmericaChris Gardner

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