ADA Home Build

A Home Sweet Home Hope and Help Project

The United Relief Foundation is exploring the feasibility of adding ADA new home build projects to our Home Sweet Home Lifeline Initiative.

Our first new home build is located in Chicago, Illinois and focused on providing an affordable home-ownership opportunity for a Disability-rated Veteran.

The property has been acquired and plans are underway for a complete tear-down and rebuild with our Hope and Help Partner Brian Urbonowski.

Details and updates, including architectural plans and progress photos, will be posted when available.


Compounding the Good

The additional costs of building a home to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards, or even bring an existing dwelling up to ADA standards, are substantial enough to typically put the purchase price beyond the affordability for most Americans, let alone disability-rated Veterans.

The charitable practice of building and giving a home away to disability-rated Veterans is very honorable. Unfortunately, there are more disability-rated Veterans who would like a home of their own than there are homes, either to be given away or priced affordably.

Engaging a charitable component to build ADA homes can offset the “for-profit” costs substantially bringing the purchase price to the affordability range for more disability-rated Veterans.

In addition, each ADA home we build will present job skills training and employment opportunities for Veterans.


April Start ``Tear-Down``

Fundraising will be ongoing
• Architectural Design
• Plans and Permits
• Hope and Help Partner Outreach
• Volunteer Outreach
• Tear-Down Activities
• Veteran Search
• Build Activities
• Home Ownership Turn-Over

Partners and Volunteers

Hope and Help

Urb, Inc. will be engaged in activities related to new construction.

Hope and Help Partner opportunities
Donation of:
• Building Material
• Appliances
• Fixtures
• Flooring

Volunteer and Group opportunities
• No-skilled Tasks

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