United In Service: Making A Difference by Being The Difference
Remembering Honoring Helping Veterans In Need



United Relief Foundation home sweet home for veterans

United In Service of:

Veterans in Stable Situations

These are veterans who can support themselves but are experiencing a hardship, challenge or crisis.


Veterans in Supportive Situations

These are veterans who are receiving some type of support from a veterans service organization, but have needs beyond the help they are receiving.

How We Are Making A Difference

Lending A Helping Hand: Boots-on-the-Ground engagements addressing a veteran's needs that will improve his or her living conditions.

Trade Training, Employment and Education: One-on-One engagements to help veterans learn basic trade skills for vocational employment, further training or degree.

Home Ownership Opportunities: Renovation and building of affordable single family house to provide veterans home ownership opportunities.

United Relief Foundation respects and diligently protects the privacy of the veterans we serve. Army veteran Theron's instance of making a video testimonial is one of a few exceptions.

How You Can Make A Difference

Donate your house to the United Relief Foundation to help veterans in need

Year-round, the United Relief Foundation considers all types of residential, multi-use, and commercial real estate in all sorts of conditions within the city limits of Chicago or its neighboring suburbs.

September is Suicide Prevention and Awareness MonthWe all have a role to play.

United, we can and have helped save Veterans lives!

Make a Difference by Being the Difference.

Veterans should never be homeless in AmericaChris Gardner
Be There. Learn How.Suicide Prevention and Awareness