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In the service of Home-bound, Disability-rated and Transitioning Veterans

Improve Quality of Life - Provide Trade/Job Skills - Create Home Ownership Opportunities

Homes for Veterans
House 348 First HSH Project

It is physically and financially challenging for many Disability-rated and Home-bound Veterans to adequately maintain their residence, and it is the service of performing essential repairs, and acquiring adaptive equipment, that we make Quality-of-Life differences for those who have served our Country.

Even though Home Sweet Home is focused on making profound Quality-of-Life differences, an extension turning distressed and abandon houses into home ownership and trade skill learning opportunities for Disability-rated and Transitioning Veterans.

To compound the good that can be done, we are always open to inquiries from businesses, clubs, and organizations regarding becoming a United Relief Foundation Hope and Help Partner.

Hope and Help Projects

Boots on the Ground

Year Round engagment in responding to Quality-of-Life requests

House to Home

May to August

The rehabilitation of distressed and abandoned single family dwellings to provide home ownership and trade/job skill learning opportunities for Disability-rated and Transitioning Veterans.

United Relief Foundation

First ADA Home Build

Planning Underway

The tear-down and new construction of a home to ADA standards for Disability-rated Veteran ownership. Learn more

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Standing Tall for Veterans in need

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Donate Real Estate

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Donating Real Estate

Accepting Donations Year Round

Similar to popular auto donations, we have made donating your real estate easy, rewarded, and it is even more beneficial, saving you from spending money that you can’t get back from property taxes, utilities and upkeep.  And, of course a bonus benefit is the tax deduction (please consult a tax professional) you can receive.

Acceptable Real Estate

Residential and Commercial

Distressed and abandon single-family houses, townhouses, condominiums, and commercial buildings are acceptable real estate donations for consideration.

Residential dwelling donation suitable for immediate occupancy will be processed for Veteran home ownership and real estate determined to costly for rehabilitation still may have a value for sale with proceeds to support United Relief Foundation’s efforts. Commercial buildings and vacant land are considered for the value of raising funds through sale.

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