Home Sweet Home

In the Service of Veterans who are Homeless, Home-bound and Residing in Transnational Housing

Almost 1.2 million Veterans Live Below the Poverty Level and countless numbers are Residing in Sub-standard and Transitional Housing.

Started as a program to turn distressed houses into affordable homes for Veterans, Home Sweet Home now focuses on safe shelter for Homeless Veterans, the rigors Homebound Veterans have to adequately maintain their residence, addressing the challenges of sub-standard housing and making a transitional living situation, as temporary as it may be, feel like home.

Hope and Help Engagements

Boots on the Ground Projects

Quality-of-Life housing improvements or modifications and interaction with Veterans.

Real Estate Donations

Regardless of condition, donating your real estate has its Rewards and Benefits

The profound differences made in the life of each Veteran we touch

• Improved Quality-of-Life and Self-Sufficiency
• Health and Wellness benefit from basic human interaction

home sweet home
United Relief Foundation diligently protects the privacy of the Veterans we serve. Theron persistence to make a video testimony for other Veterans lead to granting an exception.

Inquiries Always Welcomed

888.718.0989 ext. 4