Healing for Heroes Holistic-Horticultural Healing Program

Every year over 6,000 Veterans Commit Suicide¹, 400,000 Suffer from Invisible Wounds and 4-million have a service-connected disability.

With Hope and Help Partner Wellness Rising Coalition’s involvement, our comprehensive Holistic-Horticultural program will be able to address and adjust to the health and wellness challenges of the brave men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces residing anywhere in America.

Wellnes Rising Coalition

Veteran Support and Social Organizations, Government Agencies, Educational Institutions, Service Clubs and Health/Wellness Professionals will be able to self-administrate our Healing for Heroes Holistic-Horticultural program.

Holistic side

You are a whole, made up of interrelated parts. Your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects depend on one another for well-being. When one is disrupted, the others suffer as well. This concept is referred to as a whole person or holistic approach.
• Stress reducing habits to significantly improve physical, mental and emotional health
• The role of exercise and how to implement the right routine to a fitness level and needs
• Powerful ways to train the brain

Horticultural side

Horticultural therapy is widely used in a broad range of rehabilitative, vocational, and community settings. It is accepted, and understood to be a beneficial and effective therapy for many individuals with physical impairments, as well as other people suffering from mental instabilities.
• Therapy techniques for mind, body, and spirit
• Connecting the right food choices and wellbeing
• Seed to supper, creating a garden to table approach to wellness

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Healing for Heroes Donation

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Primary Program Components

The ease and efficiency to self-administer the program and the health and wellness benefits will be generated by 6 primary components:
1) Administration
2) Assessment
3) Boots on the Ground
4) Organic Vegetable Gardening
5) Holistic Techniques
6) Horticultural Therapy

Program Support

Self-Administration support for the program will include:
• Healing for Heroes Guidelines
• Holistic Techniques Manual
• Horticultural Therapy Instructions
• Online Education Videos
• Telephone or Video-Conference Interaction
• Hope and Help Network Access

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Elevated Mobility Adaptive Bed

United Relief Foundation adaptive raised bed

Compounding the Good we're doing and differencs we are making

With the support of Inner Voice and Invenergy, United Relief Foundation has launched a Standing Tall effort to combine our Healing for Heroes and Home Sweet Home Lifelines using the 15 resident Eddie Beard Vet House as a proving ground for the development of a Veterans’ transitional housing environment hope, help and healing model that engages the Foundation’s Boots on the Ground projects and Holistic-Horticultural program with Hope and Help Partner Wellness Rising Coalition.

United Relief Foundation's Frank Salato and Inner Voice's Cheyenne Riley getting things in our for start of Holistic-Horticultural program

Frank and Cheyenne are getting things in order to begin the development of Healing for Heroes Holistic-Horticultural program in a transitional housing environment.

United Relief Foundation

(l-r) Frank Salato (United Relief Foundation), Brad Purtell (Invenergy), Cheyenne Riley (Inner Voice) and Hannah Hertlein (Invenergy)

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¹U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs National Suicide Data Report | Office of Mental Health and Suicide Prevention June 2018 [View Report]