United In Service: Making A Difference by Being The Difference
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Mind, Body & Spirit

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United In Service of:

Veterans in Stable Situations

These are veterans who can support themselves but are experiencing a hardship, challenge or crisis.


Veterans in Supportive Situations

These are veterans who are receiving some type of support from a veterans service organization but have needs beyond the help they are receiving.

How We Are Of Service

Healthy state of mind, body, and spirit: Providing veterans the health and wellness tools to increase their ability to be self-sufficient, more involved in the wellbeing of other veterans as well as being positive contributors to their communities.

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United In Service Collaboration with Growing Healthy Veterans


How We Are Making A Difference

Horticultural Holistic Health and Wellness Program

Transitional housing environment model demonstrates the value in combining health and wellness interaction with essential self-reliance support and tools into a powerful sustainable healing force for veterans, individually and collectively.

Horticultural Holistic Health and Wellness Program

How You Can Make A Difference

Veterans should never be homeless in AmericaChris Gardner

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