Repairs and Remodeling

All good deeds are significant and every generous act should be a rewarding experience

Home Sweet Home

Repairs and Remodeling | Year-round | As-Needed Boots on the Ground Engagements

Your Good Deed will make profound quality-of-life and self-worth differences by helping to create a safer living environment and pleasing surrounding for Veterans.

Most Needed Repair/Replacement Items
· Door Handles and Locks
· Kitchen/Bath Faucets and Sinks
· Bathtubs and Toilets
· Ceiling and Wall Light Fixtures

Most Needed Remodeling Items
· Paint and Painting Materials
· Drywall, Tape, Compound, Screws
· Carpeting, Vinyl and Ceramic Tiling
· Kitchen/Bath Cabinets and Counters

Item and Gift Card Donations

Physical donations of items are accepted. However, monetary and gift card donations are desired to allow acquiring a specific item at the time of need. Please use the below form to inquire about making physical donations or for any other inquiry you may have.

Inquiry and Interest