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BOTG Support | Year-round | As-Needed Boots on the Ground Engagements

Your Good Deed will be compounded by providing at-the-ready tools to be able to properly service repair, replacement or remodeling needs and reducing the cost, time and effort required in a United Relief Foundation Boots on the Ground engagement. The saving of money, time and effort will aid in doing more good for more Veterans.

A Boots on the Ground engagement is an all volunteer Standing Tall response to a Veteran or Veterans particular hope, help or healing need or needs.

Unit (4 volunteers) Basic Needs
· 4 Cotton Tool Aprons
· 1 Portable Tool Box
· 4 20z Claw hammers with covered grip
· 12-piece Screwdriver set
· 5-piece Pliers Set
· 2 Utility Knifes
· 20-foot Tape Measure

Engagement At-Ready Basic Needs
· 1 Cordless Drill and Drill Bits
· 1 Cordless Circular Saw and Blades
· 2 Saw Horses
· 6-foot Level Board
· Safety Glasses and Ear Protection
· Cloth and Leather Work Gloves
· Cloth and Hard Hats

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Item and Gift Card Donations

Physical donations of new (in the box) items only are accepted. However, monetary and gift card donations allow us to purchase items in most need. Please use the below form to inquire about making physical donations or for any other inquiry you may have.

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