Connecting Good Deeds to make
Individual Life-Changing and even Life-Saving Differences

The best example of how the United Relief Foundation can connect good deeds to make individual life-changing and even life-saving differences is with an Honorably Discharged disability-rated, unemployed Army Veteran, who was living in a van with his wife and their two children reaching out to United Relief Foundation and the Foundation being able to provide safe housing, food, medicine and clothing as well as employment prospects for him and his wife, and the gas money to get to appointments, interviews, and eventually their new jobs.

In the spirit of the United Relief Foundation’s founding principles, Connecting and Compounding the Good, this webpage will be dedicated to presenting Good Deed choices, which we feel will do both.

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United Relief Foundation believes all good deeds are significant and every generous act should be a rewarding experience. Click on a Good Deed to learn if it makes a Connection with you.

The Good Deeds posted are the most in-demand. Please contact the United Relief Foundation if there is a Good Deed you would  like to offer that is not posted.