In the service of
the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces

As a Nation we are united in our admiration for the men and women who have served and are serving in the United States Armed Forces.

However, with so many people in need we as individuals are constantly faced with who to help and it is understandable how easy it is to mistakenly assume that all of our Veterans needs are being cared for by our government.

Every good deed should be a rewarding experience and hopefully you’ll find a good deed that makes a connection for you, your family, friends, business or organization.

Standing Tall for Veterans in need

Regardless of the good deed done the common significant difference made that we can all related too is summed up in one phrase: Improved Quality-of-Life, for Veterans.

Good Deeds & Needs

Each Lifeline webpage has Good Deeds and Needs. However, we made groupings to make it easier to find a Good Deed that might connect with you. Just click on a group to learn more.

Care Comfort Compassion Lifeline

Home Sweet Home Lifeline

Soil Seed Sow Service Lifeline

Boots on the Ground

Individual or group. Raising money or awareness. Volunteering an hour or 10. Your Good Deed will be a rewarding experience.

Doing Good Support Fund

As much as we wish there was no cost to doing good, there always is. Our Doing Good Support Fund helps us be of service to Veterans.

Fundraising Campaigns

One Generous Act

United Relief Foundation is combining holistic methods and horticultural therapy to develop a Healing for Heroes program that can be of service to Veterans anywhere in the United States.

Healing For Heroes Learn More

Good Deed Partner Idea example

An ideal example of how a unique good deed idea nicely brings together making a Connection and Compounding the Good is United Relief Foundation’s Hope and Help Partner Chicago Private Yacht Rentals (CPYR) charitable charters.

Ideas, Interest and Inquires Welcomed