Even though receiving accolades and acknowledgments are nice, they are not necessary for the good the United Relief Foundation is doing and the differences we’re making. However, we would like to share a pleasant surprise, from Inner Voice of Chicago, that helps exemplify our meaning of United In Service.

First and foremost, Inner Voice has achieved a remarkable 35 years of service, an accomplishment worthy of much praise.

It has been almost 2-years since United Relief Foundation president Frank Salato and Inner Voice CEO Jackie Edens discussed how their organizations could be United In Service for Veterans in need.

Jackie’s engaging leadership is what brought Inner Voice to Frank’s attention. With Jackie’s enthusiast support the United Relief Foundation has been developing a Holistic-Horticultural Healing for Heroes program model, for Veterans transitional housing environment, at Inner Voice’s Eddie Beard Vet House in Chicago.

The pleasant surprise and what the Foundation feels is an honor is Inner Voice choosing the United Relief Foundation to grace the cover of and included in their annual report.

Being United In Service is not exclusive to the United Relief Foundation.

Should you not make a connection with any of United Relief Foundation’s programs or campaigns, reach out to Inner Voice www.ivchi.org

Inner Voice was founded in 1984 by the late Reverend Robert Johnson. Reverend Johnson began attending to the physical needs of individuals experiencing homelessness on the near west side of Chicago, where he operated a soup kitchen.

Inner Voice programs provide a continuum of care and the organization believes that everyone, regardless of their current circumstances, is entitled to have a place to call home and that it is possible to end homelessness.