Emergency Aid

As much as the United Relief Foundation would like to help every Veteran in need, it is not possible to do so. However, we can provide you with information to non-profit organizations and government agencies which provide aid in areas that we do not, like emergency financial aid.




Illinois Joining Forces is a very good source to help you and your family find the assistance and resources you are looking for in the State of Illinois.

Their Network of trusted and dedicated service providers offer a range of services, including: Housing, Healthcare, Education & Entrepreneurship, Employment, Benefits, Spouse & Family Support, Legal and Volunteering.

Contact IJF today and speak to a member of their dedicated staff and start getting connected to the resources you are eligibility for in your community.

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The Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs is dedicated to providing direct and indirect support to Wisconsin veterans and their families. Beyond the benefits and services that the WDVA operates, they provide access to information and other available resources within the State of Wisconsin and nationally.  

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The Wisconsin Veterans Foundation provides Wisconsin veterans with information, linkages, and immediate assistance in the areas of: Emergency financial assistance, Links to both Wisconsin veteran programs and community-based programs, Veteran-to-veteran counseling and support, and Emotional and financial support while awaiting access to Wisconsin and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs services.

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