United In Service: Making A Difference by Being The Difference
Remembering Honoring Helping Veterans In Need
September 25 United Relief Foundation President Frank Salato speaking with Inner Voice Chicago Supporters

Healing Our Heroes Lifeline

Horticultural Holistic
Health Wellness Program

The Men and Women Veterans Served

Veterans in Supportive Situations

These are veterans who are receiving some type of support from a veterans service organization but have needs beyond the help they are receiving.

How We Are Making A Difference

Healthy state of mind, body, and spirit: By providing veterans the health and wellness tools to increase their ability to be self-sufficient, more involved in the wellbeing of other veterans as well as being positive contributors to their communities and society.

Eddie Beard Vet House Transitional Housing Model Project

EBVH project healthy vegetable ripe for the picking and eating

Inner Voice Chicago’s Eddie Beard Vet House (EBVH) is serving as a model in the development of the Foundation health and wellness program for transitional living environments.


EBVH provides up to 35 male Veterans experiencing homelessness with a safe, comfortable environment where they can live for up to 24 months while receiving supportive services.


The Foundation’s Horticultural-Holistic program shall provide veterans with health and wellness tools to help veterans increase their ability to be self-sufficient and be more involved in the well-being of other veterans.

Activities and Updates

United Relief Foundation’s Eddie Beard Vet House health and wellness project continues to reach our Horticultural-Holistic program success markers.


Engagements with EBVH veterans and the development of health and wellness tools will continue through the colder months.


Plans for 2022 are underway to make the garden even larger to plant more vegetables and provide space for more veterans to be engaged together at one time.

  • United Relief Foundation Eddie Beard Vet House planning
    May 26 -Hope and Help Partner Inner Voice CEO Jackie Edens and United Relief Foundation President Frank Salato, with the help of EBVH staff Cheyenne Riley, marking the location for the 15' x 5' raised garden bed that will serve up to 35 EBVH residents.

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