United In Service: Making A Difference by Being The Difference
Remembering Honoring Helping Veterans In Need
Ecolab MERGE 5K event United Relief Foundation


The Naperville Illinois Ecolab MERGE 2020 virtual 5K event was dedicated to Michael Kosak, who died before the event.


Michael was a veteran and a dear MERGE leadership member who championed the 5K event.


In Honor of Michael’s service, the United Relief Foundation will continue to accept donations dedicated to him.


Contributions will be placed in the Ecolab MERGE Rapid Response funding well with 100% used to aid veterans, men and women, in need at a critical time on a moment’s notice.


Ecolab MERGE 5K

Even in the most challenging of times, the Naperville Illinois MERGE and Ecolab employees’ found a way of making a difference by being the difference.

United In Service: Making A Difference by Being The Difference!

The United Relief Foundation hopes each of the virtual 5K event participants and online in memory of Micheal Kozak donors, will feel some satisfaction that 100% of the money raised from their efforts will go directly to veterans in need to make profound differences like:

Making a Life-Saving difference literally for an unemployed veteran living in a van with his wife and their two children who attested too after the United Relief Foundation helped provide safe housing, food and medicine as well as employment prospects for him and his wife, and the gas money to get to appointments, interviews, and their new jobs.

Coming to the aid of a veteran, his wife, and 3 young children with food, clothing, and Christmas presents for the children.

Providing a veteran. his wife, and 2 young children aid for safe shelter, food and comfort items.


Self Reliance ~ Coming to the aid of a veteran in need or crisis are with the long term results and rewards of them staying or becoming self-reliant.

Compounding the Good ~ For every veteran in need that we provide the hope to bolster their self-esteem and the help to boost their self-reliance, there is a family and a community receiving a benefit also.


United in the service of the men and women who served our country.

United Relief Foundation United In Service of those Who Served

(888) 718-0989

500 Lake Cook Road
Suite 350 Deerfield, Illinois 60015

United Relief Foundation is a 501(c)(3) humanitarian aid organization chartered as a not-for-profit by the State of Illinois on February 2, 2006. EIN: 20-4374530

Donations are tax-deductible to the extent of the law.

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