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Donating Real Estate

Frequently Asked Questions

Be Advised.

The United Relief Foundation and its representatives do NOT provide legal, financial, or tax advice. Real estate donors are advised to consult with legal and tax professionals regarding donating.

How are real estate donations reviewed?

Real estate professionals, who donate their time and expertise to the United Relief Foundation, review real estate donations to ensure that the Foundation’s service to those who served our country can benefit from the donation.

The type, condition, and location of the real estate will determine if the best benefit is in using or selling the property.

How long does it take to complete the donation process?

Should all your ownership papers be in order and the title is clear of any issues, it is possible to complete the donation process in as little as two weeks.

How is the fair market of donated real estate determined?

The fair market value of your property is determined by the appraisal of a qualified third-party appraiser.

A fair market value appraisal of your property will be necessary for your tax purposes. However, an appraisal is not necessary for the donation processes.

The United Relief Foundation is not allowed by law to recommend a third-party appraiser.

What are the costs to me?

The United Relief Foundation, with the assistance of our donor legal and real estate professionals, takes care of all the paperwork and the typical closing expenses at NO cost to you.

You will receive a donation agreement to start the donation transfer process and then the closing documents for your signature to complete the donation.

Can I donate real estate that needs repairs?

Yes, we do consider and accept real estate even if it’s in need of repairs.

For additional information and to start the process please visit our real estate donation website: DonateHousesToHelpVeterans.org