Women Warriors Campaign

In the service of the 49,000+ Illinois and 28,000+ Wisconson Women Veterans

Care Comfort Compassion

Year Round

Empower self-worth, bolster health and wellness, revitalize self-dependence and improve quality of life are the profound, lasting differences our Women Warriors good deeds providing one-on-one interaction and self-sufficiency tools will make in the lives of the Veterans we touch.

Our Women Warriors campaign is focused on raising funds to provide Illinois and Wisconsin Women Veterans essential support in their time of need.

Being overlook is just one dreadful reality facing our Female Veterans.

The National Veterans Foundation had reported “Even though the current percentage of United States Veterans that are women is 10 percent, female veterans are often overlooked. These brave women tend to fall through the cracks of the support systems that we have put in place for our veterans. The support system for veterans was designed by and is still dominated by men. The mental, physical, and military service needs of women are often very different from those of male veterans.”

Women Warriors funds will be allocated on the most-in-need for

  • Food and Clothing
  • Health and Wellness Essentials
  • Emergency Shelter

For Veterans in need of financial aid to pay rent, mortgage, utilities and other expenses the United Relief Foundation provides VA Benefits guidance and  assistance in locating an appropriate support organization.

Always in need essentials

Women personal care kit
$25 donation purchases one 20-item essential personal care package

Campaign’s Primary Contact
Maria Page
888.718.0989 Ext.102

Women Warriors Donation

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