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Boots-on-the-Ground projects have been suspended until futher notice.

Rapid Response and COVID-19 related humanitarian aid efforts for the most vulnerable Veterans in need continue to be provided.Please visit our Rapid (COVID-19) Response page

Why We Are Needed

Almost 1.2 million Veterans Live Below the Poverty Level.

Each year, over 6,000 Veterans Commit Suicide and 9% of the adult homeless population are Veterans.

1.5 million veterans live in a household that completely relies on SNAP to supplement their food intake.

United States Department of Defense estimates 230,000 separations (new Vets) per year

Making A Difference by Being The Difference

United Relief Foundation’s Share the Warmth Care Comfort Compassion efforts can literally make a Life-Saving difference, as an Honorably Discharged Army Veteran who was living in a van with his wife and their two children has attested too after the Foundation helped provide safe housing, food and medicine as well as employment prospects for him and his wife, and the gas money to get to appointments, interviews, and their new jobs.


The personal hygiene products, clothing, food and other essentials for the basic dignity and wellness of Veterans.


One-on-One engagements to help Veterans feel safe and find them shelter or improve their living their conditions.


You're not alone and haven't been forgotten interaction with At-Risk and Homeless, Homebound and Hospitalized Veterans.

Your Share the Warmth Donation Will Be Used In Making A Difference By Being The Difference for Ilinois and Wisconsin Veterans In Need.

Donation check can be mailed to United Relief Foundation ~ 500 Lake Cook Road ~ Suite 350 ~ Deerfield, IL 60015. Please memo Share the Warmth.

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