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Affordable Homeownership and Shared Homes for Veterans

The Need

Despite the importance of housing assistance, veterans face significant obstacles, with the lack of affordable housing as one of the most critical challenges.

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How We Are Serving Veterans Affordable Housing Need to Make a Difference

“Affordable housing” is used in different ways depending on the person speaking and the topic at hand.  United Relief Foundation’s “affordable housing” engagement means turning in-need-of-repair houses into safe, comfortable, affordable homes to make a difference in two tangible ways.

1) Affordable Homeownership, where the requirements of purchasing a house are within reasonable reach of more veterans, and the cost of owning the home is equal to or less than the rent for a compatible-size apartment.
2) Shared Homes where two veterans share costs associated with maintaining the house, such as rent and utilities. Shared houses will be fully furnished and have fenced-in backyards.

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Home Sweet Home

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Please check back for needs and progress announcements.

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How Your Good Deed Will Be Making A Difference!

Your Good Deed monetary, goods, service, or real estate donation will help turn in-need-of-repair houses into safe, decent, affordable homes for veterans.

100% of your Good Deed monetary donation is designated to Affordable Homeownership and Shared Housing engagement essentials. i.e. Insurance, materials, supplies, etc.

Your Good Deed Donation is tax-deductible

Donate your house to the United Relief Foundation to help veterans in need

How You Can Make A Difference

Year-round, the United Relief Foundation considers all types of residential, mix-use, and commercial real estate in all sorts of condition.