Who We Ae

A Lifeline of Hope and Help for Veterans in need

Our Core Belief

All good deeds are significant and every act of kindness should be a rewarding experience. So, if not with the United Relief Foundation, please search out a Veteran in need and do a single good deed yourself or with another Veteran support organization.

Our Core Principles

United Relief Foundation’s two core principles are making a “connection” between those wanting to help and those in need, and engaging others in a manner that would provide balanced benefits to all involved to “compound” the good done.

United Relief Foundation Founding Logo
Founding Logo

Veterans We Serve

Homeless, Homebound, Hospitalized and Disability-rated Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard combat and non-combat Veterans.

United Relief Foundation

How We Stand United

Understandably, with so many Americans in need, it can be difficult for you to choose who to help and not unless your life has been touched in some way making a connection to a cause can be challenging.

Welcoming others to be a part of the Foundation’s humanitarian relief efforts of hope and help is how we can be united in Standing Tall for Veterans in need in the service to the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.


For the most part the United Relief Foundation has quietly gone about doing good deeds, however, our history’s benchmarks might be of interest.


Founding president Frank Salato leads Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts to collect and deliver relief supplies. The first effort: relief flown by private aircraft to Slidell Airport Louisiana under military control, 2nd supply air-transport and returning to Illinois with two victims of Katrina, and reunited them with their respective families.


United Relief Foundation, Inc. is officially formed as a 501 (c)(3) humanitarian aid organization and chartered by the State of Illinois as a not-for-profit organization on February 2, 2006.


United Relief Foundation’s founding president, Frank Salato, deceased Father and Uncle served in the United States Navy and his Niece’s enlistment in the United States Army were factors in United Relief Foundation’s attention and humanitarian relief focus shift to serving those men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.


United Relief Foundation engages in expanding beyond its current Illinois and Wisconsin service area with a holistic-horticultural healing/disability-adaptive raised garden bed program model that can be replicated nationwide.

Founding President's Personal-Side

Frank SalatoFrank Salato continues to be grateful for his blessed life.  Frank was 27 when his Father (Frank) passed away at the age of 57 and the loss started his perpetual drive to be as giving as his Dad. Hurricane Katrina was the tragedy that Frank wanted to do more than writing a check, henceforth the United Relief Foundation. Even though Frank is appreciative of the accolades, from receiving Lions Outstanding Service Award to a Good Morning America appearance, he gives the credit of the good done and differences made to the generosity of others. As Frank redirects more of his energy from being president of The Webheads Inc. into doing more good with the United Relief Foundation, he draws on the caring, giving spirit of his dear deceased Mother Alice and baby Brother Lawrence.