Who We Are

A Lifeline of Hope and Help

Founding Principles

Connecting and Compounding the Good

United Relief Foundation Founding Logo
Founding Logo

Two of United Relief Foundation’s founding principles are making a “connection” between those wanting to help and those in need, and engaging others in manner that would provide balanced benefits to all involved to “compound” the good done.

Understandably, with so many Americans in need it can be difficult for you to choose who to help and not unless your life has been touched in some way making a connection to a cause can be challenging.

However, when catastrophe happens, we truly become united in our outpouring of relief to our fellow Americans with lifelines of hope and help in their time of need and the response to the victims of Hurricane Katrina is just one example.

Doing Good Driven

Profoundly Positve Differences

All good deeds are equal, as are the rewards of doing good. Being volunteer driven, with virtually no overhead and self-supporting Lifeline Initiatives, the United Relief Foundation can focus on doing good deeds that make profoundly positive differences for those in need.

Standing Tall for Veterans in need

Serving those who have served

With less than 0.6% of the United States population¹ having served in the United States Armed Services most Americans do not have a personal connection to a Veteran. However, whether it be patriotism, gratitude, paying forward or any other reason we hope you will join us in Standing Tall for Veterans in need.

¹2014 U.S Census Bureau

Our Benchmarks

 For the most part, United Relief Foundation has quietly gone about doing the good deeds that make profoundly positive differences. However, we felt our history’s benchmarks would be of interest.


Founding president Frank Salato leads Hurricane Katrina disaster relief efforts to deliver relief supplies by private aircraft to Slidell Airport (Louisiana) under military control and return with with two Katrina evacuees.  Additional efforts followed with the delivering of relief supplies by ground transportation.


United Relief Foundation, Inc. is officially formed as a non-profit 501 (c)(3) humanitarian aid organization and Hurricane Katrina relief efforts continue. United Relief Foundation’s efforts and compounding the good approach receives supportive media and political attention, notably an appearance on Good Morning America and meeting with Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.


 United Relief Foundation continues disaster relief and engages “humanitarian relief” skill-sets and resources in establishing localized “Lifeline” initiatives.


The voids in “caring” for United States Military Veterans is brought to United Relief Foundation’s attention and the mission focus shifted solely to serving those who served our Country.


United Relief Foundation continues serving Veterans in need residing in Illinois and Wisconsin, and adds Standing Tall for Veterans in need Lifeline Initiative, Seeds of Service, to serve Veterans nationwide.