February 2nd marked United Relief Foundation’s 13 years of charitable service and with your generous support, the United Relief Foundation shall be able to Stand Tall for many more Veterans in need, for many more years to come.

Contributions from corporations are appreciated, however, it is the support of individuals that have made it possible for the United Relief Foundation to be of service for 13 years and why the Foundation will be able to do much more in the service of Veterans in need over the next 13 years.

Each and every individual, business, organization, and corporation supporting the United Relief Foundation has a special place in the lives of the Veterans we touched and it was befitted to commemorate 13 years of charitable service by presenting the Spirit of Giving Award to an individual, Paula Aitken, who with her family and business are Standing Tall beacons of generosity.

This Spirit of Giving Award is presented to Casting Whimsy & Family in recognition of their extraordinary support of United Relief Foundation’s Standing Tall for Veterans in need efforts.

It was in August of last year when Paula reached out to the United Relief Foundation with a Standing Tall commitment donating 100% of the proceeds from the sale of her hand-knitted cup koozies until October 31st.

Inspired and impressed by the good the Foundation was doing and the differences the Foundation was making, Paul’s mother joined with a hand-knitted blanket and her husband with hand-made leather koozies, and with Paula committed to continuing donating 100% of each koozie sale to the United Relief Foundation until the end of June this year.

Their generosity of time, energy and money didn’t stop there. Through their business, Casting Whimsy, they are encouraging their customers to Stand Tall for Veterans in need by rounding up their sales, with the rounded-up amount being donated to the United Relief Foundation.

On behalf of the United Relief Foundation and all those in need we have served over the past 13 years, thank you one and all for your support.