Who We Are

United Relief Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization of volunteers dedicated to providing our military veterans in need with a Lifeline of Hope & Help.

What Drives Us

Compassion for others, patriotism, sense of duty to those who have served and a desire to make profoundly positive impact on the lives of our Heroes in need.

Why We’re Needed

130,000+ veterans who are homeless and hungry on any given day and the countless other Heroes struggling to survive or provide for their families.

The Connection and Your Reward
Frank Salato, President & Founder

Frank SalatoWith so many of our fellow Americans in need, I can appreciate how difficult it is for you to choose who to help and not unless your life has been touch in some way making a connection to a cause can be challenging.

United Relief Foundation was formed in 2005 to provide a way to make a tangible difference in helping Hurricane Katrina victims. Even though our missions were successful, received praise from the public and much media attention, the Foundation’s generous supporters, along with our fellow Americans, felt a growing sense of duty to serve those who serve to protect our Country.

The Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts connected all Americans to the men and women serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, and now that the wars have ended the United Relief Foundation is determined to keep people connected and engaged in helping our Heroes in need.

Life-saving or Life-changing differences, you will be rewarded in knowing that your Single Act of Kindness donation to the United Relief Foundation will be used to make profound, immediate, tangible and lasting differences.

Donations, including property, are tax deductible to the extent of the law.

There are times in most of our livesĀ that we need some hope and a little help. If you are a military veteran and this happens to be one of those times, please contact the United Relief Foundation.

The United Relief Foundation repects your right to privacy and we will NOT disclosure your identity without your permission.

Sometimes the differences are Life-saving like helping a homeless and unemployed Army veteran, his wife and two children with safe housing, food, medicine, job prospects and even gas money to get to job interviews or sometimes the differences are Life-changing like providing our Heroes a respectful hand-up in their time of need.

It has been the United Relief Foundation’s experience that our Heroes don’t want a handout and we require a pledge from Hope and Help recipients to perform, when they are able, a Single Act of Kindness for another Veteran in need.

Life-saving or Life-changing, the differences United Relief Foundation makes are profound, immediate, tangible and lasting.

Since the United Relief Foundation is volunteer driven, our overhead is relatively low and we don’t spend money to raise money, the Foundation is able to have 80% to 90% (there are more “hard” cost to providing shelter than clothing) of donations go directly to Veterans in need.

United Relief FoundationWe’re getting ready for a spring groundbreaking of United Relief Foundation’s first ground-up build House 8605.

House 8605 is being built with the Love and Care of very generous United Relief Foundation donors and when completed this $170,000 house will be presented to Veteran and his or her family to call their Home Sweet Home. Read more

United Relief Foundation

We are very pleased to report the support for the upcoming March 6th Fiesta Fundraiser being organized by the Dan Green’s Touch a Life Heal a Heart Foundation, with the help of Above & Beyond and hosted by Lucke’s Cantina in Williams Bay Wisconsin, keeps growing. Read more

United Relief Foundation